23 Jun 2017

The list of players to attend the 2017 ITTF Hopes Week and Challenge, to be staged in Luxembourg from Friday 11th to Thursday 17th August, has now been finalised.

A total of 16 boys and 16 girls will attend; all are players in the Under 11 and Under 12 age groups who have attended national, regional and continental organised events.

Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

In order to gain a place in Luxembourg, the qualification phase concluded on Thursday 15th June, the closing date for “wild card” nominations. A selection panel met with three boys and three girls being selected.

“The number one goal is achieved: to encourage national associations to run talent Identification Programmes and also to promote and work with young talented players for future success and growth.” Daniela Gomes

Organised under the direction of Polona Cehovin (ITTF Director- Education and Training), Daniela Gomes (ITTF Development, Education and Training Projects Officer) and Dejan Papic (ITTF Education and Training Co-ordinator), a formidable coaching staff will be present in Luxembourg.

Li Xiaodong, once the mentor of Ma Long and Zhang Yining, former Olympic and World champion, will be the head coaches. They will be assisted by Gu Nan and Zheng Chaoying.

“A highly motivated group, with a strong vision of what they are trying to attain, is expected in Luxembourg; this is what is needed to benefit from this cutting edge programme which also includes daily educational sessions for coaches.” Daniela Gomes

Furthermore, it is from this group that the players, alongside their coaches, will be selected to represent the Hopes Team and a further training camp for the ITTF World Cadet Challenge to be held later in the year in Fiji.

Wild Card Recipients

Girls: Sophie Earley (Ireland), Helena Sommerova (Czech Republic), Sarvinoz Mirkadirova (Kazakhstan)

Boys: Stepan Brhel (Czech Republic), Alsuwailem Salem (Saudi Arabia), Amine Oueslati (Tunisia)

National associations represented: Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Luxembourg, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, United States of America and Wales.

ITTF Hopes Week and Challenge: List of Selected Players (Thursday 23rd June)


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