22 Jun 2017

The ITTF Administration Course was first launched one month ago and then followed with a formal launch during the Development and Education and Training Workshop held during the Liebherr World Championships in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In addition to these launches, the course was also presented at the Association of Summer Olympic Games International Federation’s Sports Development and Education Group (ASOIF-ASDEG) Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Forum was attended by the majority of International Sports Federations; the course received high acclaim from those present.

by Michael Brown, ITTF & Africa-Oceania Development Co-ordinator

Within the first month, the response has exceeded expectations with over 90 National Associations having at least one participant registered for the course, and over 250 participants enrolled.

The course covers seven main topics in regards to administration, including governance, finance, working with partners, human resources, delivering competitions, marketing, promotion and values. The course requires 18 hours of study to be completed.

Throughout the first month, 20 participants have completed the course in its entirety, and over 650 hours of learning have taken place.

“I have had the opportunity to be in many ITTF Development Education and Training Workshops, but this one in particular, with the new ITTF Administration Course, has given me one of the most useful tools ever!” Jorge Herrera (Guatemala), ITTF-Latin America Deputy President, the first participant from Latin America to complete the course.

“I’m most pleased with the Administration Course that has been launched. For those national association’s that want to use it, it will be super useful.” Cyril Sen (Malaysia), International Referee, and URC Course Educator

“The Administration Course will be very beneficial not only to myself as an administrator but also for the others, persons at the University where I lecture at as well as players, coaches and administrators in my country.” Aleena Edwards (Trinidad and Tobago)

“I take the opportunity to thank the ITTF for this great job and congratulate the ITTF for this very professional work and for the possibility that we gain more education through such tools. The modules and the content is just great.” – Jeton Beqiri (Kosovo), Vice President of Kosovo Table Tennis Association

Not only has the course been accepted by over 90 national associations, it has also received wide global appeal, with individuals from all six affiliated continental federations completing the course, as well as receiving the initial prizes for completing the various modules first.

Through partnership with Stag, we are still in search of the national associations to be the first to have 10, 50 and 100 participants to complete the course, in which an equipment package, including six tables and nets, 80 rackets and eight gross balls will be donated. The current leader is Kosovo, which has had four individuals complete the course thus far.

As announced with the launch of the ITTF Administration Course, eight prizes have been set aside for the first individual to complete the entire course, as well as the individuals to first complete each of the seven modules, these are listed as follows:

Course Completion – Paul Kyle (New Zealand)

Module 1 – Cristobal Fernandez Perez (Spain)

Module 2 – Marguerite Cheung (United States)

Module 3 – Fadil Luta (Kosovo)

Module 4 – Dale Feliciano (Kuwait)

Module 5 – Attila Namesztovszki (United Arab Emirates)

Module 6 – Lokesh Singh Bagri (India)

Module 7 – Nfonba Benedict Ndansi (Cameroon)

High Performance and Development Michael Brown