13 Jun 2017

Present at each of the World Championships from Gothenburg in 1993 to Eindhoven in 1999, Ina Jozepsone has been elected President of the Table Tennis Federation of Latvia.

She succeeds Anatolijs Prohorovs and becomes the first woman to hold to post; the election having taken place on Sunday 11th June.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The Table Tennis Federation of Latvia has a long and proud history, being the tenth member to affiliate to the International Table Tennis Federation when accepted in 1928.

Notably Ina Jozepsone, for many years a professional player, won the Women’s Singles title at Latvian Championships in 1992, 1995 and 2002.

She has been Secretary-General of the Latvian Table Tennis Federation since 2001; the new appointment means that she becomes one of 15 women to head a Latvian sports organisation.

Furthermore, since retiring from high level play, Ina Jozepsone has been involved in promoting the sport of table tennis not only nationally but internationally.

Earlier this year from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th March, alongside Marguerita Felix from Barbados, she attended the second International Federation Women in Leadership Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland  2017; most appropriately the agenda for the Forum was Women Leading in Sport.

In addition at the recent meeting in Latvia, the Board was also elected, the members being: Leonids Falkensteins, Janis Cirulis, Laura Pavare, Nauris Mazjanis, Genadijs Kartuzovs, Egils Purins, Vadims Berezkovs and Janis Zicans.

Members of the Board of the Table Tennis Federation of Latvia (left to right) Janis Cirulis, Vadims Berezkovs, Laura Pavare, Ina Jozepsone, Nauris Mazjanis, Leonīds Falkensteins and Genadijs Kartuzovs. (Photo: Aksels Ambergs) Board members not present for the photo: Egils Purins and Janis Zicans.
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