10 Jun 2017

England’s Luke Savill and Chinese Taipei’s Su Pei-Ling, the winners of the respective Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles titles at the recent 2017 Slovak Junior Open, are the players to make the most dramatic rise on the ITTF World Junior Circuit Standings released following the close of play in Senec on Sunday 4th June.

They cannot rest on their laurels but both have given themselves a major chance of qualifying for the ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals to be staged in early February 2018 in Luxembourg.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

On the Boys’ Standings, Luke Savill moves from no.194 to no.18 (1,088 points), on the counterpart Girls’ Standings, Su Pei-Ling advances from no.75 to no.15 (1,155 points).

Also there is notable progress for Germany’s Kay Stumper, beaten in the Senec final by Luke Savill. He advances from no.27 to no.11 (1,372 points). Likewise, Hungary’s Csaba Andras, a semi-finalist in Slovakia, promotes his cause. He is now at no.17 (1,160 points), having previously been listed at no.29.

It is to some extent the same on the Girls’ Standings; Chen Ting-Ting, beaten by colleague Su Pei-Ling in the final in Slovakia, she climbs from no.75 to no.15 (1,155 points).

Progress but on both listings, the top places remain the same, being occupied by players who did not compete in Senec.

Frenchman Bastien Rembert (2,880 points) continues to head the Boys’ Standings being followed by Russia’s Artur Abusev (2,560 points), Romania’s Cristian Pletea (1,866 points) and Austria’s Maciej Kolodziejczyk (1,648 points).

Meanwhile, on the Girls’ Standings, Japan continues to hold the top two places. Maki Shiomi (4,000 points) leads, followed by Tuka Minagawa (2,300 points); Romania’s Adina Diaconu continues in third place (2,230 points) immediately pursued by Belgium’s Lisa Lung (1,886 points).

A total of 16 boys and 16 girls qualify for the 2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals in Luxembourg next February, a top 12 finish is the realistic goal to gain an invitation.

In each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events, no association may be represented by more than two players, the host association is allotted one place.

Each continent is eligible for at least one representative (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania). Also, to gain an invitation to the Finals, a player must have competed in two continents.

2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit: Boys’ Standings following Slovak Junior Open (Sunday 4th June)

2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit: Girls’ Standings following Slovak Junior Open (Sunday 4th June)

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