07 Jun 2017

Situated on the north east coast of South America, bordered by French Guiana, Guyana and Brazil, the smallest country in South America; Suriname has been a member of the International Table Tennis Federation since 1986.

Under the direction of the Chair of the Suriname Table Tennis Association, Desiré Hooghart, the country is on a mission to promote table tennis to a higher level; the aim is to be competitive on the international scene.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A problem in the past has been that young players have reached a certain level but have not been able to progress further; there is a need for greater coaching expertise in order to move to higher levels.

Therefore, a meeting was held last year with Faizel Abdoegafoer, the Minister of Sport; the meeting proved fruitful.

On Saturday 16th July 2016, Faizel Abdoegafoer met the Chinese Ambassador in Suriname; the end result being that Mo Riqiang was announced as the coach to assist young players to progress and perform to better level at international tournaments.

Alongside many local dignitaries, the Director of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs was present on Monday 5th September 2016 to welcome the new coach.

“The Director Sport indicated the Ministry is committed to meet the wishes of the National Association if possible. He expressed the hope that, with the arrival of Mr Mo, a system will be put in place to raise standard in Suriname.”

Initially Suriname will focus on tournament in the region of the Dutch Caribbean, South America and also Latin America.


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