06 Jun 2017

A successful Basic Umpires Course concluded in Mexico City, an equally successful Basic Certified Referee Courses followed; proceedings commenced on Thursday 1st June and concluded on Saturday 3rd June.

Self-funded, motivated by the ITTF Development Programme and organised by the Mexican Table Tennis Federation, the Course Conductor was Ecuador’s Freddy Almendariz, the Chair of the Latin American Table Tennis Union’s Umpires Committee.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of nine students, five men and four women, attended; in addition to Mexico City, members travelled from Mexico State as well as from Ameca.

The course was well received by all present; Ruben Moedano, an International Umpire, was most pleased with the course; seeking to add refereeing qualifications to his curriculum vitae.

“This course was very difficult and we need to prepare very well because I understand the referee cannot make mistakes.” Ruben Moedano

Likewise, Milton Garcia, the head coach to the Mexican Paralympic Team was highly motivated, as was Francisco Mendoza, the Co-ordinator of the Mexican Umpires and Referees, whose aim is to be an International Umpire.

“After this course, the Mexican Table Tennis Federation wants to have more umpires and referee courses, it is very important to improve.” Francisco Mendoza

Top student on the course was Javier Ortega; he gained a mark of 95 per cent.

“I am so happy for this, I was so nervous before the exam. I studied very hard because I wanted to approve and could did it.” Javier Ortega

Notable names, also present in a listening role was Elizabeth Rugerio, a student of mathematics who is writing a project on the subject of table tennis.

“I was a table tennis player and sometimes I assist Milton Garcia as coach. I am not an umpire but I wanted to learn more about the procedure to make a draw and how the referees take decisions, I enjoyed the course and after this I can continue with my project understanding some situations.”  Elizabeth Rugerio

Certificates were presented at the Closing Ceremony with Freddy Almendariz addressing all present.

“I am so happy to come to Mexico, a good experience, new friends and a very good group, I would like to congratulate all of you because did a good job during these days. It was the first time that two Para players, Claudia and Martha, had attended such a course. Thank you to all; now I go to Villahermosa to conduct a Basic Umpire and Basic Certified Referees Course.” Freddy Almendariz

The participants were: Martha Verdin, Milton Garcia, Francisco Mendoza, Ruben Moedano, Claudia Perez, Valentin Reyes, Linda Blando, Silvia Hernandez and Javier Ortega.

 Day Three: 2017 Slovak Junior Open
Photos: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz

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