27 May 2017

China is ready for the World Championship starting in just a day; apart from being the best in table tennis, there is something else they are also good at- SINGING!

By Neha Aggarwal

The Chinese are ready for the biggest battle of this year, the Liebherr 2017 World Championships. And when I say ready, they are truly ready in all ways. Physically, technically, strategically, mentally and even emotionally.

The entire team got together to bring out an inspirational video, where the full team for the World Championship is singing, a song in which every word inspires the players to perform their duty- defend China’s glory at the biggest stage, the World Championships.

China has been composing such a song since the last nine years now, and this is the 10th edition!

In the video you will see Ding Ning with determined eyes, Liu Shiwen smiling all way long, Zhang Jike with fire in his eyes and Ma Long, the dragon being himself, the best of the best, even in singing.

Well, they not only sing, they also rap. Yes, at 1:03 the team gets into a rapping, starting with Ding Ning.

Her lyrics are:

Each time I step into the arena,
All the attention is on me,
I know I carry the hopes of everyone (Chinese citizens),
it’s a battle for all of us.

Check out the video below:

The video instills a high level of patriotism in the hearts of the players and coaches along with their fans, reminding them of their duty, to defend the country’s honor and glory.

The war starts on 29th May 2017. China is ready, in all aspects. The stage is set, we are thrilled to enter the biggest stage, and witness history.

Liebherr 2017 World Championships ma long Ding Ning liu shiwen zhang jike

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