25 May 2017

Home for the elite athletes of the world some nine months ago when the focus of attention was on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; more recently the city of Rio de Janeiro was the home for a gathering somewhat at the opposite end of the performance scale.

Motivated by the ITTF Development Programme, an ITTF/PTT Level One Coach Education Course was staged in the Brazilian city from Saturday 20th to Wednesday 24th May.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Led by Lincon Yasuda, a total of 29 coaches attended of whom four were women; the Associação Carioca de Tênis de Mesa (ACTM) being the venue, the regional centre for the state of Rio de Janeiro. The word “Carioca” is used locally to describe virtually anything that has to do with the city.

“It was a very pleasant group; all were very interested and asked many questions, they were delighted to at the opportunity to see new methods and to change their ideas from a couple of years ago.” Lincon Yasuda

Furthermore, there was a wide variety of experience within the composition of the group; current players as well as former players were present, all wanting to make a start in a coaching career. It was a situation that Lincon Yasuda welcomed with everyone responding to his efforts; throughout the whole course there was a great deal of discussion, everyone motivated.

The overall result was that members of the group learned quickly as various games that children could play were introduced and who knows the long term effect.

Could they unearth a world class player? Rio de Janeiro is the home of Hugo Calderano.

Team Event: 2017 Ibero-American Championships
Photos: courtesy of Lincon Yasuda

High Performance and Development Coaching Lincon Yasuda