24 May 2017

Hungary’s table tennis player Georgina Pota is a superstar. She married former Hungarian Olympic swimmer Norbert Kovacs on Friday 19th May in Budapest, looked beautiful, just like a princess and added her passion, table tennis as part of the ceremony!

By Neha Aggarwal

The wedding ceremony was held in Busa Castel in Budapest amongst family and friends. German table tennis player Kristin Silbereisen, one of Pota’s closest friends, was the bridesmaid along with Andi, her best friend for the last 20 years.

Recalling the wedding ceremony, Pota said, “Everything was perfect and beautiful, I was a princess for one day.”

She clearly looked like one in the wedding gown, flashing a million-dollar smile.

Pota first met Norbert back in 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games, where she represented Hungary in table tennis, while Norbert was on duty for Hungary as a swimmer. They got together on 25th June 2011, and almost six years hence, tied the knot on 21st May 2017.

Norbert retired from competitive swimming in 2013, and since then has been working at BNP Paribas in Budapest.

Pota describes him as “funny, kind and accurate.” She also added, “he loves kids and is family oriented. If I have a bad day, he can always cheer me up.”

Well, Pota clearly wanted to involve her passion, the game of table tennis, as part of her big day.

As far as the attendees are concerned, the other players apart from Kristin that were present were Szandra Pergel, Iveta Vacenovska, Dana Cechova, Annamaria Erdelji and Maria Fazekas.

One of the two little girls who threw the flower petals was Sonja, daughter of Pota’s coach Ira. Also present were her ex-coaches: Peter Téglás and Istvan Fülöp.

She also added something that probably a bride has never done before. As part of one of the wedding traditions, the bride should dance with the guests. But Pota wanted to add a twist and bring in some fun.

“We have a tradition that the bride should dance with the guests. So I changed the dance to ping pong. I wanted something funny and special. It was little bit difficult to play my full strokes, I could not lift my arm so high because of the wedding dress.”

Check out the bride, Georgina Pota playing ping pong with bridesmaid, friend and German player Kristin Silbereisen.


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