15 May 2017

The smallest state in geographical size in Malaysia, Perlis was the home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course from Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th May.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme and administered locally by the National Sports Institute of Malaysia, the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia and the Perlis Table Tennis Association, the venue for the itinerary was the Sports Complex in Kangar.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Led by Chan Kee Chien, the Course Conductor, a total of 29 students attended of whom six were men, the members of the group coming from a wide range of backgrounds.

Notably, there were 13 teachers, two lecturers and six students plus six full-time coaches, one company manager and an engineer.

“The organisers and officials were very helpful in giving assistance and support. Similarly all participants were enthusiastic and actively involved in all the practical, theoretical and discussions sessions.” Chan Kee Chien

Throughout the whole itinerary, eight table tennis tables were available throughout, with 400 balls, a pair of crutches and a wheelchair being supplied.

Paying attention, a theory session underway (Photo: courtesy of Chan Kee Chien)


A most successful course was the outcome, the feedback being most positive.

“Every aspect of course is very useful, because I learned a lot of ideas and a fun way to practice.” Mr Kabilan, teacher and course co-ordinator

“Overall, this is the best coach education course for beginner coaches. Other than that, I would like suggest Coach Chan to conduct more coach education course because he is a good conductor”. Mr. Kek, a coach the Penang Table Tennis Centre

“This course should be introduced to more people and should become compulsory course for all table tennis coaches to attend”. Mr. Muhammad Afig, student

All responded to the efforts of Chan Kee Chien, the multi-ball practices and the Para elements in particular being greatly appreciated.

“I thank the organiser, the Perlis Table Tennis Association and Perlis State Sports Council for providing such a comfortable arena for this course. Also, my special thanks to the National Sports Institute of Malaysia, the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia and the ITTF Development Programme for their unconditional supports which eventually led to the success of this course.” Chan Kee Chien

Overall, a total of 27 students passed the coaching practical test and two were awarded the ITTF School Teacher Participation Certificate.

A practical session on progress, learning the basics (Photo: courtesy of Chan Kee Chien)
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