10 May 2017

Dedicated to the memory of local coach Andrei Shkala, the eleventh edition of the junior tournament which bears his name, concluded on Sunday 7th May in the Belarus capital city of Minsk.

In addition to a Boys’ Team and Girls’ Team event, there were competitions in three age groups; the most senior being for those born in 2001 or later, the youngest for those born in 2007, sandwiched in between was a competition for 2004 years.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Grondo, represented by Vyacheslav Belokon, Yegor Chekel and Daniel Savostyan won the Boys’ Team title; the counterpart Girls’ Team top prize finished in the hands of the Minsk outfit represented by Maria Brazovskaya, Tatiana Chekavaya and Darya Vasilenko.

Success for Vyacheslav Belokon, Yegor Chekel and Daniel Savostyan; the three players also enjoyed success in the individual events.

Vyacheslav Belokon and Daniel Savostyan won the respective 2004 and 2007 age group Boys’ Singles categories, the former accounting for Vladimir Belokon in the final, the latter for Daniel Vitorskiy. Gold for Vyacheslav Belokon and Daniel Savostyan, for Egor Chekel it bronze; he was beaten by Vladislav Rukletsov, the champion elect, at the semi-final stage of the 2001 years event.

Conversely for the girls, there was no similar success.

Inga Korick won the 2001 years event beating Anastasiya Volkova in the final; Vera Volkova emerged as the 2004 years champion at the expense of Dariya Vasilenko, whilst Elizaveta Timoshkova overcame Anastasiya Frovola in be crowned 2007 Girls’ Singles champion.

The awards were presented by Nikolai Konyushkevich, Director of the Minsk Sports School No.1; Andrey Burak, the Deputy President of the Minsk Organising Committee and Alexandra Sipach, the tournament referee.

Roll of Honour

Boys’ Team: 1. Grondo (Vyacheslav Belokon, Yegor Chekel, Daniel Savostyan)

Boys’ Singles (2001 Years): 1. Vladislav Ruckletsov 2. Iliya Korchinskiy 3. Egor Chekel 4. Mikhail Tsyganocskiy

Boys’ Singles (2004 Years): 1. Vyachaslav Belokon 2. Vladimir Belokon 3. Daniel Lvov 4. Maksim Lyakhov

Boys’ Singles (2007 Years): 1. Daniel Savostiyan 2. Daniel Vitorskiy 3. Asreniy Ryazhchenko 4. Vyachaslev Borovko

Girls’ Team: 1. Minsk (Maria Brazovskaya, Tatiana Chekavaya and Darya Vasilenko)

Girls’ Singles (2001 Years): 1. Inga Korick 2. Anastasiya Volkova  3. Uliyana Olkhovkaya

Girls’ Singles (2004 Years): 1. Vera Volkova 2. Dariya Vasilenko 3. Ekaterina Ablam 4. Adriana Illasova

Girls’ Singles (2007 Years): 1. Elizaveta Timoshkova 2. Anastasiya Frolova 3. Kseniya Kostyukevich 4. Daria Davydova

Andrei Shkala Junior Championships

Photos: courtesy of Alexandre Petkevitch

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