10 May 2017

Members of the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program, Khasbaatar Odbayar and Jadulla Hassan, recently visited the Headquarters of the International Table Tennis Federation in Lausanne.

They were welcomed on the morning of Tuesday 2nd May by Raul Calin, ITTF Director of Operations and Olympic Games; they explained the nature of the initiatives undertaken.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Offered in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity, the United States Olympic Committee and the University of Delaware, the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program is aimed at providing those involved with coaching at a national level an opportunity to gain more knowledge in their respective sports.

Thus eventually such students return home able to enhance sport and can help build long term structures following the principles of the Olympic movement.

Khasbaatar Odbayar (left) with Chris Snyder (right), a successful initiative concluded (Photo: courtesy of Chris Snyder)


Khasbaatar Odbayar is from Mongolia, he is studying the long term development of table tennis players; Jadulla Hassan is from the Maldives, his topic is based on creating opportunities to play table tennis for those who live in small islands, basically grass roots initiatives.

It is understood that they spent two weeks in Delaware, one week at United States Olympic Committee in Colorado in addition to six months working from home; all monitored by the United States Olympic Committee.

Graduation day in Delaware for Jadulla Hassan (left) and (right) Khasbaatar Odbayar (Photo: Chris Snyder)


Accompanied by members of the United States Olympic Committee, Chris Snyder, the Co-ordinator and Dragomir Cioroslan, responsible for International Relations, they came to Lausanne during their final week prior to graduation.

The awarding body, the University of Delaware (Photo: Chris Snyder)





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