04 May 2017

Celebrated far and wide, one of the principal countries that took World Table Tennis Day to its heart was India; throughout the whole month, not only on Thursday 6th April, some 89 events were staged throughout the country.

One organisation in particular became embroiled in the celebration, the name of which may not easily roll of the tongue but when you study carefully a message unfolds.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The Pingpongphilic Startup Incubation Universal Society (PSIUS) organised some 74 events; the itinerary being focused on the Madhya Pradesh District Table Tennis Association.

Quite simply the organisation upheld the very best principles of the day; moreover, they worked tirelessly to achieve the goal: “to encourage everybody to play table tennis and make the sport most popular, universal, inclusive, creative sport in the world”.

Notably, they visited schools, colleges, public places; anywhere where it was possible or feasible to play the sport of table tennis. No stone was left unturned in their valiant efforts to provide opportunities for players of all ages to try the sport of table tennis.

Furthermore, not only did they provide opportunities for people to play table tennis and provided equipment; they encouraged people to try to find somewhere to play table tennis so that they could continue to enjoy the sport.

Equally, they made the effort to identify those with talent, those who possibly could ascend to a higher level and enjoy the competitive nature of sport. A legacy of the day is to try to establish regular training sessions for those who have ambitions to progress.

However, whatever the target, people played table tennis; people came together in a spirit of fun and friendship, a major target of World Table Tennis Day.

Overall it is estimated that some 2,010 people took part in the efforts of the Pingpongphilic Startup Incubation Universal Society; remember the name.

World Table Tennis Day: The Pingpongphilic Startup Incubation Universal Society

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