13 Apr 2017

A total of eight new Blue Badge International Umpires, the highest status in officiating, is announced by the Umpires and Referees Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation.

The announcements were made following the completion of the necessary requirements prior to Saturday 1st April 2017.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Russia’s Nikolay Kamenskiy and Ekaterina Ovsyannikova, alongside Poland’s Maciej Milinksi add to the European list, whilst Egypt’s Lamyaa Said Abbass, Mohamed Es-Sayed and Tunisia’s Mohamed Souari lift the African number.

Meanwhile, additionally from Syria, Lody Hazem increases the Asian number by one, as does Esther Aliotta of the United States for North America.

Overall, Asia is the continent with the highest number of Blue Badge International Umpires, 104 in total; for Europe there are 99 such officials, whilst 19 is the figure for Africa and 16 for North America. Latin America has 13 such umpires; five is the total for Oceania.

Leading the field in terms of national associations who are in double figures, China has 23 Blue Badge International Umpires, Germany is next with 19 in number, for each of India and Japan 17 is the figure.

Korea Republic and Russian each has 12 in total with 11 being the Egyptian lot.

Mohamed Es-Sayed Elrawdy joins the list (Photo: courtesy of Mohamed Es-Sayed Elrawdy)


ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee: Blue Badge Umpires (Tuesday 11th April)

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