08 Apr 2017

A bronze medal at the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships in Kuala Lumpur, it was for Chinese Taipei a major success.

The reason why it was so relevant was highlighted by their leading player, Cheng I-Ching; she stressed the fact that the three players, who had secured semi-final place, were all born and raised in Chinese Taipei. In 2000, also in Kuala Lumpur, the same finish had been achieved but that selection included Chen Jing, the Seoul 1998 Women’s Singles gold medallist when representing China.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Alongside Cheng I-Ching; Chen Szu-Yu and Cheng Hsien-Tu had been the front line players in Kuala Lumpur; all three are on duty at the forthcoming Seamaster 2017 Asian Championships which commence in Wuxi on Sunday 9th April.

Liu Yu-Sin and Liu Hsing-Yin complete the line-up; Liu Yu-Hsin replaces Lin Chia-Hui who was a member of the World Championships squad. One change but the most notable amendment in the selection is that Huang Yi-Hua. She joined forces with Cheng I-Ching and Chen Szu-Yu at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; she is not included.

Delight for Chinese Taipei in Kuala Lumpur, it was the very same for DPR Korea, likewise Women’s bronze medallists. Kim Song I, Ri Mi Gyong and Ri Myong Sun formed the successful outfit and later in the year they were together again at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In Wuxi, the names of both Kim Song I and Ri Mi Gyong appear on the entry list for the Women’s Team event but there is no place for Ri Myong Sun; Choe Hyon Hwa, Cha Hyo Sim and Ri Hyon Sim complete to line-up.

DPR Korea keep faith with Kang Wi Hun, Pak Sin Hyok and Choe Il, the three players who formed the basis of the selection in the Men’s Team event in Kuala Lumpur but there is no place in Wuxi for the fourth member; Ri Kwang Won is replaced by Ro Kwang Jin.

A minor change but for Chinese Taipei, there is a major change in the Men’s Team selection; Chen Chien-An is the only player who last year competed in both the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to retain his place. The names of stalwart Chuang Chih-Yuan and Chiang Hung-Chieh do not appear.

Liao Cheng-Ting, who was a member of the Kuala Lumpur squad, completes the selection alongside Hung Tzu-Hsiang and Sun Chia-Hung.

Notably for both Chinese Taipei and for DPR Korea, the five players named in each of the Men’s Team and Women’s Team events appear in the respective Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles competitions.

Similarly for the doubles events, there are no additional players.

Chen Chien-An and Liao Cheng-Ting alongside Hung Tzu-Hsiang and Yang Heng-Wei form the Chinese Taipei Men’s Doubles pairings; Cheng I-Ching and Chen Szu-Yu, Liu Hsing-Yin and Cheng Hsien-Tu are the Women’s Doubles selections. In the Mixed Doubles, Chen Chien-An partners Cheng I-Ching, Liao Cheng-Ting allies with Chen Szu-Yu.

Somewhat similarly for DPR Korea, Choe Il and Pak Sin Hyok combine in the Men’s Doubles, as do Kang Wi Hun and Ro Kwang Jin; Choe Hyon Hwa and Kim Song I are Women’s Doubles partners. Ri Hyon Sim and Ri Mi Gyong form the further partnership.

Meanwhile in the Mixed Doubles, Pak Sin Hyok and Ri Hyon Sim combine; Choe Il joins forces with Ri Mi Gyong.



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