08 Apr 2017

Former head coach of the German Women’s Team, notably being at the helm at the Liebherr 2010 World Team Championships in Moscow when the bronze medal was secured; Jörg Bitzigeio has been named the USA Table Tennis High Performance Director.

The announcement was made on Friday 7th April by Gordon Kaye, USA Table Tennis Chief Executive Officer.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Working in liaison with Carl Danner, Chair of the USATT High Performance Committee, Jörg Bitzigeio will oversee all elite athlete and coaching programmes.

“We are very fortunate to be able to attract someone of Jörg’s expertise and background at the highest levels of sport to take over our National team programmes; with so many outstanding young American players achieving significant international success, Jörg is the right person at the right time to develop a programme leading to international results at the adult level. His passion and commitment to achieving success is infectious”, Gordon Kaye

Qualified in sports management, sports science and business administration, Jörg Bitzigeio, commenced his career in the role of Women’s coach for the German National Team at the Liebherr 2006 World Team Championships.

“From day one in the interview process, Jörg impressed us with his professionalism and vision; I know our elite athletes and coaches will appreciate his desire to take our programmes to the next level and build a unified Team USA approach to excellence.” Carl Danner.

Most recently, he served as the National Coach for Education and Training for the German Canoeing Federation, winners of seven medals that Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“I am excited to be joining the USATT team and greatly look forward to leading the USATT community to develop a truly outstanding High Performance Programme, particularly given the high level of play in the United States at the youth level right now. This is a crucial time for USATT, and we must provide leadership in collaborating and coordinating among all levels of the system to professionalize our national programs and create opportunities to achieve greater international success.” Jörg Bitzigeio

Jörg, his wife Carina and daughter Maya will relocate to Colorado Springs in July.

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