07 Apr 2017

Wishes poured in from all over the world on the occasion of World Table Tennis Day that was celebrated globally on Thursday 6th April. The table tennis athletes too took the lead and flooded social media with their innovative messages! Scroll down to find out what.

By Neha Aggarwal

Sofia Polcanova of Austria shows off how it’s done:

Egypt’s Omar Assar truly depicts #TableTennis4All on World Table Tennis Day:

Must watch video by Spanish sensation Galia Dvorak:

Sweden’s Matilda Ekholm pulling off some crazy shots:


Vladimir Samsonov has a sweet message for all:

and a success picture to share!

Tiago Apolonia, the master himself, can play anywhere and everywhere.

Vanuatu’s Yosh Shing: keep the balls bouncing!

Sweden is yet again innovative: Jorgen Persson and Par Gerell show how.

Grand Slam champion, China’s Ma Long sends his beautiful wishes:

Olympic Champion Ryu Seungmin:

Portugal’s Joao Monteiro gets the entire club playing table tennis:

Wonderful video by the club Borussia Dusseldorf on the celebrations of the day:

Brazil’s Gui Lin all the way from Latin America:

Melissa Tapper having some fun!

Hugo Calderano and Simon Gauzy got together with a fun LIVE Q&A on The Olympic Channel’s Facebook page!


We can never get enough of Georgina Pota!

Feng Tianwei is pumped up. Are you?

The super cute Lily Zhang from USA remembered her childhood this day:

Fierce and dangerous: Jonathan Groth

Romania’s Andreea Dragoman:


USA’s Matt Hetherington celebrated TT  even while traveling:

and finally, ITTF’s President Thomas Weikert in his innovative self celebrating World Table Tennis Day by picking up a paddle himself!

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