07 Apr 2017

Six Olympic Games, 15 medals at seven Pan American Games of which ten are gold; now the National Coach of the Brazilian Women’s Team, Hugo Hoyama is one of a special group of sporting personalities who commands the utmost respect from all.

Recently on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April, he was present at Park Shopping in Campo Grande for an event organised by the Table Tennis Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FTMERJ); the aim being to build on the success of last year’s Olympic Games and promote the sport even further.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Directed by Pablo Ribeiro FTMERJ President and Vitor Oliveira, the Marketing Manager, local people had the chance to play against the Brazilian legend and match his skills; return five Hugo Hoyama services consistently and win a car, return four and become the proud owner of a smart television.

The challengers lived in hope but no-one was seen driving a car down the Copacabana with a high definition television set attached to the roof rack!

“Our aim is to popularize the sport to attract new talents. The mall was chosen as it is in a neighbourhood with has several good players; we see great potential for the discovery of new athletes. It is fundamental to have interaction with the public so that they know the sport “, Pablo Ribeiro

Interest was high as Hugo Hoyama delight the crowds (Photo: courtesy of Table Tennis Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro)


An entertaining initiative, the weekend was part of a greater initiative which had witnessed free coaching sessions being held from 2.00pm to 8.00pm each day from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 31st March.

“Last year, we decided hold a tournament; we received a lot of praise on the social media channels, so we decided to repeat the event with Hugo, an exemplary athlete who, at age 47 years old, he still impresses”, Vitor Oliveira

Also on Saturday 1st April, to add to the occasion, a tournament was staged involving Para players and those in the Brazilian cadet age group teams.

Return five services and win a car, easier said than done (Photo: courtesy of Table Tennis Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro)
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