06 Apr 2017

Thursday 6th April 2017 is a special day for the sport of table tennis as people from across the globe come together to celebrate World Table Tennis Day, and one of the cities to take centre stage in the activities is Ioannina located in Epirus in Northwest Greece.

by Simon Daish

Marking the special day a short film has been produced by Greek club “Table Tennis Friends of Ioannina City” showing the sport being played throughout the region including at the Theatre of Dodoni in Epirus.

Fascinatingly, the Theatre of Dodoni held a significant level of importance from around the 19th to 14th centuries BC and was considered to be a sacred place dedicated to Zeus the God of Thunder and the father of the ancient Gods.

The display of the action at the centre of the Theatre of Dodoni at the start of the film serves as a nice homage to the history surrounding the theatre while also drawing similarities to sporting activity witnessed in ancient Greece.

Moving away from the theatre the film sees the table relocate beside the lake of Ioannina City.

Forming a circle around the table a group of young people take part in the action with their involvement perfectly reflecting the message of World Table Tennis Day which is to bring people closer together through the sport.

“Don’t forget to register your event no matter how big or small, whether held on Thursday 6th April or within one week either side. It makes a difference in showing the world the importance of this day.” Glenn Tepper, ITTF Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

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