02 Apr 2017

Photo shoot with T2 APAC Team, some more cool pics from the best of the best table tennis players and a prank- the best things on internet last week. Don't believe me? Check out below -->

By Neha Aggarwal

The T2 APAC League is nearing, and some of the players that are a part of it traveled to Kuala Lumpur for some classic photo shoots and a fun motivational event with some young table tennis players. Scroll down to see more.

Matilda Ekholm:

Georgina Pota:



Elizabeta Samara:

and finally this event post from T2 APAC themselves:

But, this is not it. Check out these awesome pictures by our other celebrity table tennis players:

Bernadette Szocs is simply beautiful:

Photo by @marie_sebire_ ! #love #smile #brauneyes? #redlips? #❤️

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Hugo Calderano’s medal collection:

Who’s that photographer? Patrick Franziska!!


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Looks like an April fools day post by Vladimir Samsonov?

To end it all, Table Tennis England posted this epic video of a prank by Ananya Patel, top U-18 seed in Berkshire, on Reading Football Club! Worth your 2 minutes of the day!

How was your week?

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