01 Apr 2017

Developments have been made to the ball, rubber and points system but the table has largely remained untouched since the sport’s inception. 

In 2018 this all changes.

by Wade Townsend

As part of an initiative to continue the modernisation of table tennis, ITTF announces that as of Monday 1st January 2018 the table size regulations will be increasing to 6 metres long by 3.5 metres wide.

“One of our main goals is to massively increase the prize money at ITTF events and to do this we need a larger televised audience. At the moment one of our most important tools, the table, does not support this goal in the best possible way.” –  Dave Steintein, ITTF Equipment Public Relations Director

The aim is to make the sport easier for the casual television viewer and market research has found that the closer we bring table tennis in line with tennis, the greater viewership ITTF will be able to capture; with the future in mind, increasing the size of the table was the obvious next step in the sport’s evolution.

The US team recently had the opportunity to test the new table and found it a huge improvement over the current sizing.

“Although we haven’t communicated with the Athletes’ Commission directly, we are sure all the players will be one hundred percent on board with this change.” –  Dave Steintein, ITTF Equipment Public Relations Director

ITTF will be working closely with equipment manufactures to ensure they are producing tables with flat and consistent surfaces in time for the beginning of next year’s World Tour.

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