28 Mar 2017

Commencing on Monday 1st January 2018, calculating World Rankings by a simpler method is proposed.

The current system is based on results against opponents, gain points by winning, lose points when experiencing defeat; the new system is very different, the fundamental principle is the round reached in a tournament.

By Neha Aggarwal

Primarily introduced to facilitate easier understanding of calculations involved, the new simplified World Ranking will include a clear-cut points system for events and age categories.

Most significantly, the new system will encourage players to take part regularly in ITTF World Tour and other ITTF events.

Visibility of the world’s best table tennis players on the new improved ITTF World Tour is essential for the overall development of the sport; the new World Ranking will be a reflection of current and past performance of the players.

“One of our main goals is to massively increase the prize money at the ITTF, to also ensure that the top table tennis players are “stars” on the international scene and at the same time to improve the quality of events.

To achieve this, we need to prove to our partners (media and sponsors) and our fans that our events are the best and most important. For them to be the most important, we need best players playing at the events. Our tools need to support that.

At the moment one of our most important tools the “World Ranking” does not support it in the best way, so it was very important to address that. Of course change is not always easy, but if we want our products to become more professional then this is one important change to make.” – Steve Dainton, ITTF Marketing and Commercial Director

Key features of the new ranking system

  • Ranking points will be awarded for all World title events, the Olympic Games, ITTF sanctioned events and ITTF recognized events; these events are automatically registered on the ITTF Calendar and ITTF World Ranking.
  • A World Ranking Points table for each tournament category (All ITTF events are classified into specific tournament categories) for Senior, Under 21, Junior and Cadet tournaments will be introduced.
  • For singles events, points are awarded on the basis of the position in the knock-out stage, qualification rounds and wins in round robin qualifying groups (except Continental Championships, Multi-Sport Games, Regional and other Games).
  • For Team matches, points are awarded for individual wins in a team match of the ITTF Sanctioned and Olympic events.
  • For doubles, a new Doubles Points Table is to be used.
  • Points will NOT be deducted for losing a match to a lower ranked player.
  • Points will be awarded separately for each age category and thus a different ranking chart will be published each month.
  • Injured, sick or pregnant players, who do not compete in any table tennis competition for a minimum for six months, may apply for Special Seeding.
  • Players who do not have any recorded international results for more than 12 months will be excluded from the ITTF World Ranking.
  • Ranking will be published every month, the latest before the sixth day of the month.

For further understanding kindly refer to the World Ranking Regulations document which is a comprehensive report on the new ranking system.

ITTF has also introduced a Test World Ranking for everyone to gain an initial understanding of the new ranking system. Please note that changes might occur during the test period.

We are looking for feedback and suggestions regarding the new World Ranking system, especially from the players and coaches. Please email your thoughts on [email protected] on or before Wednesday 31st May 2017.

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