26 Mar 2017

A quite unique opportunity in sport, the ITTF Mentorship initiative, one aspiring coach who took part in the initiative last year and reaped benefit was Thailand’s Anissara Muangsuk.

She attended the China Table Tennis College in Shanghai from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th September.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably Anissara Muangsuk was able to learn from the experience of Li Nan, a former member of the Chinese National Team, who in 1999 reached the semi-final stage of the Women’s Singles event at the World Championships, before in 2002 clinching gold on the ITTF World Tour in both Austria and Egypt.

Anissara Muangsuk was able to discuss such items as setting up a daily practice schedule and delegating coaches’ duties. In addition she was able to focus on the relationship between coach and player, as well as considering such items as a national coaching programme and a competition structure which supports players.

Most importantly during her visit, emphasis was placed on the vital elements of table tennis; service, receive of service, first attack and first return.

“It was really useful programme. There were opportunities to learn about skills as well as the physiology of table tennis. I shared my thoughts with other professional coaches and staff. It was a very good experience in order to improve my teaching skills.  I learned about the basics of how to play table tennis, meeting professional coaches in a one to one situation. I received the opportunity to observe young Chinese players closely and to see how the system works. I feel I needed to stay longer, there was a lot to learn”, Anissara Muangsuk

Valuable discussions with Li Nan; also Anissara Muangsuk was able to meet, Xiao Yi, Director of the China College Scientific Research Department and Hou Shuang, Sport Psychologist, who is a scientific research teacher advising the Chinese Women National Team.

Furthermore, meetings were held with Liu Ruizhi, responsible for assisting the Chinese Women’s Team on the subject of techniques and tactic, as well as Zheng Chaoying, assistant fitness coach for the China National Team.

“Her attitude was quite serious during stay in Shanghai. She loves table tennis very much. She also quite curious about all the courses we provided. I think she will be a good coach”, Liu Ruizhi

Such items as adapting, goal setting, relaxation techniques, warming up, cooling down and recovery after practice were highlighted, in addition to the very basic factors common to all players.

The closing date for the 2017 Mentorship Programme is Tuesday 28th March.

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