24 Mar 2017

Selecting from Siddharta Almeida, Carlos Ishida, Eduardo Tomoike and Luis Anjos; four days earlier Brazil had won the Junior Boys’ Team title at the 2017 South American Junior and Cadet Championships.

Competing in the very same venue in Asuncion; on Thursday 23rd March, they made intentions perfectly clear that a repeat performance at the 2017 Paraguay Junior and Cadet Open is very much a possibility.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Brazil ‘A’ represented by Luiz Anjos and Siddharta Almeida, duly finished in first place in their initial stage group, as did the Brazil ‘B’ combination of Carlos Ishida and Eduardo Tomoike.

The first places were as expected; Carlos Ishida and Eduardo Tomoike commenced matters as the no.2 seeds, Siddharta Almeida and Luiz Anjos, the no.3 seeds.

However, top spot for the Brazil ‘C’ combination comprising Sergio Bignardi and Lauro Sebold was unexpected; neither player the owner of a current world ranking, not only was it somewhat of a surprise that they topped the group, it was arguably a greater surprise that they recorded three-nil wins in every contest.

They beat the Uruguayan duo of Santiago Bernandez and Pablo Palou, before overcoming the Paraguay ‘A’ Team pairing of David Leon and Hugo Rolon, prior to ending the day on a high note. In their concluding contest, they accounted for the Swedish duo of Oskar Danielsson and Jens Holmqvist the no.4 seeds.

Defeat for the Swedes but it was their only defeat; thus second place in the group was assured and a passport to the main draw.

Three teams from Brazil through to the quarter-finals; it is the same for Argentina.

Martin Bentancor and Francisco Sanchi, on duty for Argentina ‘A’, the top seeds, secured first place in their group; they finished ahead of Chile’s Fabian Albornoz, Denys Fierro and Andres Martinez.

Meanwhile, Matias de Vincenzo and Santiago Lorenzo secured second place behind Carlos Ishida and Eduardo Tomoike; similarly Leandro Fuentes and Santiago Tolosa completed the day next in line to Siddharta Almeida and Luiz Anjos.

Last eight places decided in the Junior Boys’ Team event; it is exactly the same in the Cadet Boys’ Team competition where likewise there were four groups in the initial phase.

First places were secured by Argentina ‘A’ (Luciano Alto, Matias Guadalupe), Canada (Kenny Jiang, Terence Yeung), Brazil ‘A’ (Kenzo Carmo, Daniel Godoi) and Chile ‘A’ (Matias Pedraza, Esteban Naning).

Second position and hence main draw places were gained by Brazil ‘B’ (Andre Murchie, Shim Joon), Argentina ‘B’ (Christian Azoaga, Matias Velarde), Paraguay ‘A’ (Ivan Aguirre, Elias Apud) and Argentina ‘C’ (Ivan Cieza, Fausto de Leon, Facundo de Leon).
Play in both the Junior Boys’ Team and Cadet Boys’ Team events conclude on Friday 24th March.

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