19 Mar 2017

Top seeded outfits imposed their authority on proceedings in both the Men’s Team and Women’s Team events on the penultimate day of action, Saturday 18th March, the 2017 Hungarian Para Open in Eger.

Either first place in the initial stage group was the order of the day, or in competitions where play was organised on an all-play-all basis, it was a day unbeaten.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

In the Men’s Team events; Class 1-2 saw the Slovak Republic’s Martin Ludrovsky and Jian Riapos secure top spot in their group, as in Class 4-5 did the French duo formed by Fabien Lamirault and Nicolas Savant-Aira. Similarly, in Class 6-7 it was top spot for the trio comprising Hungary’s Balint Celencser, Romania’s Bobi Simon and Israel’s Boaz Tabib.

Meanwhile, in the competitions where just one group was prevalent; in Class 3, the French pairing of François Geuljans and Stéphane Gil-Martins remained unbeaten, whilst in Class 8 it was an unblemished day for Hungary’s Andras Csnonka and Gyula Istvan Zborai, a situation that also applied in Class 9-10 where Kazakhstan’s Talgat Erekeyev and Nurzhan Korpateyev remained unbeaten.

Similarly in the Women’s Team events, in Class 1-5, the combination of Norway’s Sabine Solveig Femtehjel and the Slovak Republic’s Alena Kanova remained unbeaten in a single group event as in Class 6-10 did the host nation’s Zsofia Arloy and Bettina Bicsak, a competition that was administered in two groups and witnessed a somewhat surprise first place in the corresponding group.

Israel’s Inbal Bechar and Karmit Dor finished ahead of Hungary’s Maria Benke and Laszlone Farkas, the second seeds.

It was a situation that also occurred in the Men’s Team event where two groups were arranged in the initial stage. In Class 1-2, the French partnership of Benoit Besset and Julien Michaud finished ahead of the host nation’s Janos Kaiser and Endre Major; likewise, in Class 4-5, Belgium’s Bert Brands and Israel’s David Gabriel secured top spot ahead of Austria’s Egon Kramminger and Peter Starl.

Defeats for second seeded outfits but only one reverse; runners up spot in the group was secured and thus a passport to the semi-finals.

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