19 Mar 2017

Last week some of the best table tennis players decided to look absolutely lovable in their pictures that they posted on social media. Check these out and tell us who you think is the most adorable one!

By Neha Aggarwal

The 12-year old Hugo Calderano?

#TBT 12 anos, nenhuma preocupação na vida ? 12 years-old. Not a care in this world ?

A post shared by Hugo Calderano (@hugocalderano) on

Or the 16-year old Adriana Diaz?


A post shared by Adriana Diaz (@diazadriana123) on

Maybe this beautiful picture of Liam Pitchford and his girlfriend?

Enjoying a bit of sunshine while it lasts ☀️

A post shared by Liam Pitchford (@liam_pitchford93) on

Or this pretty picture of Natalia Partyka and Marta Golota?


A post shared by Marta Golota (@golotamarta) on

How about this one from Georgina Pota wishing Kristin Silbereisen a happy birthday?

Seo Hyowon posing like a rockstar?

#하이롤러 #핑크 #이뿌다❤ 스트레칭 열심히?

A post shared by 서효원 (@seohyowon_) on

and what about Simon Gauzy celebrating a win in a different fashion?

#saltbae celebration ? #saltlife credit: @n.i_c.o

A post shared by Simon Gauzy (@simongauzy) on

The disguised Marcos Freitas?

How about this celebration video of the team from Ochsenhausen?

Ma Long and Ding Ning playing BadminPONG?

AND finally, this super adorable Frieda hitting some balls?

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