13 Mar 2017

The Marvellous 12 is over and the stats are in; the Facebook stadium has plenty of seats.

by Wade Townsend

The Marvellous 12 in Shenzhen got the global crowd it deserved, with ITTF’s live Facebook and YouTube streams combining for over 750,000 views during the week long event.

With a total accumulated reach of over 7 million, the broadcast was dominating Facebook feeds almost as much as cat videos.

This was mostly thanks to you guys, the fans. Sharing is caring; we had over 4500 shares. But you soon might be putting Adam Bobrow out of a job with 2800 comments; lucky he just signed a new contract.

The live broadcast peaked when racking up 61,000 viewers clapping over their keyboards during one session’s stream.

And the point of the tournament has got the some buzz. People can’t stop talking about Feng Yalan’s switch forehand that has Timo Boll taking notes. The epic rally has reached a million Facebook users so far.

But all this is just a warmup for what’s in store when the Liebherr 2017 World Table Tennis Championships comes around.

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