12 Mar 2017

Looks like the International Women's Day celebrations went on long in China, as Ding Ning, Cheng Meng and Feng Yalan produced some spectacular table tennis shots, which are going viral all over social media.

These two ralliess, made me believe yet again, there is nothing that men can do, which women cannot. In fact, in my opinion, Feng Yalan produced the best hand switch shot ever by a man or woman.

By Neha Aggarwal

Let’s have a look at the shots played by these young women in the Marvellous 12 in Shenzen, China.

Feng Yalan vs Ding Ning:


Timo Boll is said to have mastered the hand switch shot, and most of the times, such shots are played when a player is caught in an uncomfortable position and is unable to reach to the ball with his/her playing hand and thus uses the non-playing hand as a support to get back in the right position, thus coming back in the game.

But, Feng Yalan’s hand switched shot, a forehand topspin, was so powerful, that it not only supported her but it was also an impressive ACE, that earned her a point!

Not something you do everyday.

Certainly, to me it feels like one of THE best hand switch shots ever produced, even better than the ones men have done in the past.

and then, check out this one: Ding Ning vs Cheng Meng:


Notice the intensity, the power, the endurance, the precision, and the creativity. Ding Ning and Cheng Meng not only engage into powerful forehand counter top spins all over the table, but also produce some supersonic backhand counter spins on all corners. They stretch every muscle in their body, dive to get the ball back, the athleticism simply astonishing to watch. The rally lasts around 34 seconds, not a usual length of a rally in table tennis.

Gone are the days when men’s game was considered more thrilling than women’s. In the modern times, women have been producing some stunningly powerful and fast shots, stepping behind the table too. Additionally, the hand switch shot by Feng Yalan just demonstrated the level of her creativity, her audacity, her perfection and her muscular strength.

Women are considered to be physically weaker than men, but these two rallies that you just saw are undoubtedly, proving this point wrong.

Times are changing. All over the world, in various other fields, women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men.

Sport is changing as well.

And the sport of table tennis?

Do you still doubt after watching these two rallies?

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