11 Mar 2017

China's Feng Yalan just played one of the most ambitious shots- "the hand switch" shot, in the utter most swift and impeccable way against Ding Ning at the Marvellous 12 currently being staged at Shenzhen, China.

By Neha Aggarwal

It’s 1-1 and 10-8 in the third, the deciding game, in favour of Ding Ning. She is only one point away from winning the match (in Marvellous 12 all matches best of three games). But the 27-year old Feng Yalan refuses to give up. In fact, she stuns the crowd with this amazing hand switch shot.

Ding Ning serves long to the right handed Feng Yalan, who is immediately pushed behind the table and defends two of Ding Ning’s forehand attacks. But the super athletic Feng converts the third attack into a counter attack, and after three bullet shots, Feng Yalan does what only a few table tennis players on earth can do.

Waiting on her extreme forehand corner, she realizes the speed in Ding Ning’s forehand topsipn and predicts it to be unreachable at first. But Feng does her trick. She flexes her muscles, switches the racket from her right to her left hand and produces an equally powerful forehand topspin cross court which of course, is an ACE!

The crowd is left awe struck.

Check out the shot, then in slow motion and wait to see Ding Ning’s expression. She is undoubtedly astounded!

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