10 Mar 2017

The home in 2016 for an Olympic Solidarity supported Developing a National Sports Structure initiative, led by Michel Gadal of France, followed by an ITTF Level Three Coach Education Course under the direction of Jordan’s Mohamed Atoum, now, more recently, Egypt has once again been the focal point for a project organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme.

Commencing on Saturday 4th March and concluding on Wednesday 8th March, a self-funded ITTF/PTT Level One Course was staged at the National Training Centre in the country’s capital city of Cairo.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Ashraf Abdel-Fatah was the expert on duty for the five day schedule which nine students attended.

Furthermore, it was a very illustrious group; players who had represented Egypt on the international scene were present in force.

El-Sayed Lashin, Ahmed Nadim, Karim El-Hakem and Shady Magdy attended as did Ashraf Sobkhy, a former coach at the Al Ahly club; the club which spawned the likes of Dina Meshref, Nadeen El Dawlatly and Dina Meshref.

In common with all such courses, the response was positive with all elements of the itinerary being well received, both by those who had played at the highest levels and those who were relative artisans keen to encourage young people to play the sport of table tennis.

Notably, Dr. Samir El-Beltagy, President of the Cairo Table Tennis Association and Khaled El-Salhy, the President of the ITTF-Africa Table Tennis Federation were most welcome guests.

High Performance and Development Coaching Ashraf Abdel-Fatah