07 Mar 2017

It's amazing to see what our young table tennis players all around the world are achieving. On Friday 3rd February, siblings Sid Naresh and Nandan Naresh were featured on the famous American talk show- The Ellen DeGeneres Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, a Hollywood comedian and actress.

By Neha Aggarwal

12-year old Sid and 10-year old Nandan became over night stars featuring in the popular show, exhibiting their table tennis skills. Nandan is rated second highest in the 10 and under category and Sid is placed at number seven in the cadet boys’ singles according to the current USATT Ratings.

The duo taught Ellen their favourite strokes- the smash shot and the tomahawk serve!

Sid shared his dream of playing at the Olympics, and also explained the difference between ping pong and table tennis. “It’s like golf and mini golf,” he grinned.

The siblings played along with Ellen, and at the end she gifted them a table tennis table with emojis of her face on it.

Have a look:


The brothers will also appear on Season 2 of Ellen DeGeneres’ other show, “Little Big Shots”, a show where young kids with exceptional talent showcase their skills to the world.

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