22 Feb 2017

Table tennis has been making waves all over the world with celebrities like Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Susan Sarandon, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton taking it up too.

Now, check out NBA Phoenix Suns' star Devin Booker play table tennis as part of the Talent Challenge at the NBA All-Star Weekend held at New Orleans, USA!

by Neha Aggarwal

As a profession, Devin Booker is a Shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. But, the 20-year old has some hidden talents which he showcased in a video, training for the recent NBA All Star Weekend Talent challenge.

“Once I got into the league, I got my own table, this is the first thing I got for my house. I knew I had a lot of space and a ping pong table filled up some of that space,” he explained.

“Everyone that lives with me, I play him with my left hand now, because it got too easy,” he giggled.

In the video Booker is seen training with US National team coach and former German National team player Stefan Feth. In a multi ball training, Booker is seen moving swiftly from forehand to backhand and back, to work on his footwork. Later both Booker and Feth train with two balls and at the end Booker trains holding the paddle in both his left and right hands!

Check it out:


“He is a quick learner, so consistent and never misses the ball. If he would have started (playing table tennis) a bit earlier, he would be on my team,” said Feth complimenting Booker’s skills.

“I learnt a lot of new things today,” said Booker. “Learning from the best so I’ll take this back to my crib and, you know, whoop on my friends a little bit.”

What’s his best serve? Well check out the video at 2:02 and you can find out. It’s a trick shot serve that not many can master!

The video is tweeted on NBA on TNT’s twitter handle @NBAonTNT with a special hashtag for Booker’s challenge- #BOOKERTALENT

The talent challenge is a competition show featuring NBA players demonstrating their off-the-court talents with host Ernie Johnson, and Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal as judges.

and oh well, Devin Booker secured a 36 on 40 and stood second in the competition!

For the Suns fans, their star shooting guard could have been an Olympic table tennis player if he has not picked up basketball.

Maybe, maybe not.

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