14 Feb 2017

The clock is ticking and ticking fast. Equally day by day more and more organisers are registering events; increasingly popular, Thursday 6th April will witness the third edition of World Table Tennis Day; already over 100 applications, representing 23 countries have been received.

Now, with just over 50 days to go, the number is greater than in previous years. However, there is no time to wait; be part of what promises to be a record breaking year!

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Names of organisers from previous years plus new co-ordinators appear on the submissions of projects received; furthermore, this year and there are notable incentives.

Robots supplied by iPong are being offered for the most popular, universal, inclusive and creative events.

Additionally Butterfly offers an equipment package for the national association hosting the most registered events in relation to population, whilst the ITTF has training shirts ready for the best submitted “activity cards” and videos.

World Table Tennis Day 2017 – Continental View


Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
Event: World Mini Ping Pong Festival
Organiser: Czech Table Tennis Association

A unique project for professional players, amateurs and fans: they will be able to compete against each other on mini tables. The main idea is that anybody can play: individuals, professionals, amateurs and the public in general. A tournament for school children will be arranged as well as a charity event for partners and sponsors. Exhibitions and workshops will be included in the programme.

“We would like to connect with other organisers as much as possible and invite people from abroad to come to the Czech Republic to play on this unique event.” Nikolas Endal, Vice President of the Czech Table Tennis Association

Ostrava is ready (Photo: courtesy of the Czech Republic Table Tennis Association)


Location: Bogota, Colombia
Event: Dia Feliz con Tenis de Mesa (Happy Day with Table Tennis)
Organiser: Liga de Bogota

It is an opportunity for the public in general, regardless of their level of play or social condition. A major goal is to bring table tennis to the city’s prisons and rehabilitation centres for young drug addicts.

“It would be ideal if we could have exchanges with players from neighbouring countries for World Table Tennis Day. It could be a little difficult with the costs of food and lodging but nothing is lost by dreaming.” Maria Elena Vargas – Vice President of the League of Bogota

Bogota is very much on the map (Photo: ITTF)


Location: Ali-Addé, Djibouti
Event: Apprentissage et Jeux d’animations (Learning and animation games)
Organisers: National Table Tennis Federation, Regional Table Tennis Federation, Governmental body, Ping sans Frontière

Our goal is to provide a chance for all young people living in the refugee camp of Ali-Addé to play table tennis and fight delinquency and illegal immigration. The refugee camp of Ali-Addée is home to a population of 18,000 refugees, half of whom are youths.

“We had the idea of helping these young people in 2014 during a visit to the Ali Refuge refugee camps. We welcome any partner who could contribute to the success of our project.” Madina Said Djama, Vice President of Djibouti Table Tennis Association

The Djibouti flag is raised (Photo: ITTF)


Location: Pune, India
Event: Table Tennis Royal Sports for better Health
Organiser: School

World Table Tennis Day in Pune wants to promote the positive health outcomes of table tennis for all age groups.

“It would be great to create an exchange programme with different countries meeting new people.” R. S. Shreeshaila, Sports Teacher

Table tennis for all ages is the message from India (Photo: courtesy of the Table Tennis Federation of India)


Location: Suva, Fiji
Event: Fiji World Table Tennis Day for All
Organiser: National Table Tennis Federation

World Table Tennis Day in Suva will be celebrated in a shopping mall in order to demonstrate the total inclusiveness of the sport of table tennis to the people of Fiji, irrespective of gender, age, disability, belief, lifestyle and professional status. The focus is on having fun, enjoying good health and unity through sports

“We are world apart on a little island in the South Pacific but we still love our table tennis.” Anthony Ho, President of Fiji Table Tennis Association

Mini table tennis in Fiji (Photo: courtesy of Fiji Table Tennis Association)


Location: Ithaca, United States
Event: DeWitt Middle School Celebrates World Table Tennis Day
Organiser: School

Building cross-cultural communication and community through the great sport of table tennis

Our middle school has a very large group of international students, many of whom are learning English as immigrants, refugees, and children of visiting scholars. Our ping pong plub is a great way for kids, from all walks of life, to connect. We would like to purchase more quality tables so that our club can keep growing. Thank you!” Carol Hoffman, ENL (English as New Language) Teacher and Ping Pong Club Co-Advisor

Romania taking the day to heart (Photo: courtesy of AmaTur Romania)


Location: 73 locations all over Romania
Event: WTTD – AmaTur Romania
Organiser: AmaTur Romania (Non-Governmental Organization)

AmaTur Romania is trying to organize on Saturday 8th April 2017 a series of 70 to 80 events, table tennis tournaments, in almost all the counties of Romania; the aim is to establish a new record of participation!

“We are the public that plays with determination of champions.  We are outside of statistics, not written in papers, not winners of competitions. We are the ones who raise their children in the invaluable spirit of fair-play. Marcel Giosan, President of AmaTur Romania

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