13 Feb 2017

Outstanding success in the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events at 2016 Czech Junior and Cadet Open in Hodonin, both titles being secured; France continued their winning ways on the concluding day of play, Sunday 12th February.

Bilal Hamache and Dorian Zheng, continued their good form as did Camille Lutz and Prithika Pavade.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Quarter-final places reserved, likewise colleague Jules Cavaille joined Bilal Hamache and Dorian Zheng in the last eight of the Cadet Boys’ Singles competition; whilst in addition to Camille Lutz and Prtithika Pavade; Lou Frete and Isa Cok reserved last eight places.

All are in the hunt for medals and you can watch their efforts on the “target=”_blank”> Official ITTF YouTube Channel

The progress of the French trio in the Cadet Boys’ Singles event is as expected. Bilal Hamache is the top seed, Dorian Zheng, the third seed whilst Jules Cavaille is the sixth seed.

Likewise, Sweden’s Martin Friis, the fourth seed, advanced comfortably to the main draw but there was an upset; the second seed Poland’s Samuel Kulczycki, was beaten in round two by Japan’s Hiroto Shinozuka (16-14, 12-10, 12-10).

Day Five: live streaming from 2017 Czech Junior and Cadet Open

Meanwhile, in the Cadet Girls’ Singles event where Prithika Pavade is the second seed, the other leading names enjoyed success. Russia’s Ekaterina Zironova, the top seed, duly advanced to the round of the last eight as did Korea’s Byun Seoyoung, the third seed and Italy’s Jamila Laurenti, the next name in the pecking order.

Similarly in the Cadet Boys’ Girls’ Doubles competition, Russia’s Elizabeta Abraamian and Ekaterina Zironova, the top seeds, booked a quarter-final place as did Lou Frete and Camille Lutz, the second seeds.

In the counterpart Cadet Boys’ Doubles event, the leading pair has yet to commence their schedule of play. Bilal Hamache and Dorian Zheng occupy the top seed position in the draw; Martin Friis alongside Ireland’s Owen Cathcart reserve the second seeded spot.

 Day Four: 2017 Czech Junior and Cadet Open

Photos: Czech Table Tennis Association / Jan Brychta

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