11 Feb 2017

With the Stag European Under 21 Championships in Sochi coming to a conclusion on Sunday 5th February, Céline Reust has returned home to Switzerland, and upon reflection of her time spent at the tournament in Russia she is confident that she can continue to show strong progress in her game.

by Simon Daish

Defeats to Israel’s Nicole Trosman, Hanna Patseyeva of Belarus and Slovenia’s Tamara Pavcnik in the Women’s Singles competition at the European Under 21 Championships left Céline Reust with a fourth place finish in Group 7.

Following her time in Sochi the Swiss player has admitted that she was ultimately left disappointed with her performance at the event and regrets not taking full advantage of her potential at the Championships.

“I lost 1-4 against Hanna Patseyeva, but I should have scored at least 3-1, as I had a pretty big lead in every game. After the defeats, I was a bit annoyed, as I knew that there was more to it”, Céline Reust.

The Perfect 2016 World Team Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia saw Switzerland progress beyond Group F as runners up before a 3-2 victory over Slovenia led the Swiss to a 29th position finish overall.

Reust was a key member of the Swiss squad which competed at last year’s World Championships, and the 19-year-old player believes that she can continue to move her game in the right direction with the right training regime.

“I noticed at the European Under 21 Championships that I have to work on my serve, because I can not do enough with it. With a little more training I can keep up with the rest”, Céline Reust.

Stag 2017 European Under 21 Championships Celine Reust