13 Feb 2017

Events organised on a group basis, Mexico emerged as the most successful nation on duty in the younger age group when play concluded in Guatemala on Wednesday 8th February at the 2017 Central American Under 18 and Under 15 Championships.

Dario Arce, Adrian Castillo and Daniel Perez remained unbeaten as did Clio Bracenas.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Fielding the combination of Dario Arce, Alberto Lopez and Adrian Castillo, a three-nil win was recorded against the Honduras outfit of Isaac Hernandez, Helton Lopez and Edgardo Hernandez in Mexico’s opening fixture of the campaign in the Under 15 Boys’ Team event.

Later, with no changes to the line-up, the same victory margin was posted in opposition to the Costa Rica outfit comprising Alfredo Sanchez, Ricardo Azofeia and José Perez; before, a three-one victory margin was claimed when facing the host nation’s Kevin Ruano, Sergio Carrillo and Diego de la Cruz.

Three impressive wins, with Daniel Perez replacing Alberto Lopez in the line-up, the day ended with a three-nil win in opposition to the El Salvador formation of Mateo Martinez, Enzo Leiva and Celvin Perez.

Notable performances and there was one more to catch the eye; Panama’s Jacobo Vahnish remained unbeaten throughout the day but the hopes of the most famous isthmus in the world took a dent, when a three-two defeat was experienced in opposition to Guatemala.

Mexico faces Belize and Panama in their remaining fixtures.

Meanwhile, for the Mexican outfit in the Under 15 Girls’ Team event, Clio Barcenos set the example. Supported by Marbella Aceves and Monica Muñoz, an opening fixture three-one win was posted against the El Salvador combination of Monica Mendoza, Camila Villalta and Lesly Gonzalez.

Success in the opening contest; with Ana Magaña preferred to Monica Muñoz, a three-one win was secured in opposition the Costa Rica team of Ariana Ulloa, Diana Piedra and Sharon Diaz.

In the one remaining fixture in the group, Mexico opposes Guatemala.

Play in all team events concludes on Thursday 9th February.

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Photos: Bryon Anton, Carmen Morales and Rodrigo Navarro

2017 Central American Under 18 and Under 15 Championships: Players and Teams (Wednesday 8th February)

2017 Central American Under 18 and Under 15 Championships: Players and Teams (Wednesday 8th February)

2017 Central American Under 18 and Under 15 Championships: Draw for individual events (Wednesday 8th February)


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