08 Feb 2017

The Academy Awards just around the corner, why not take a look back at Oscar winner and co-owner of SPiN, Susan Sarandon giving her top five reasons why ping pong is her go to game.

by Wade Townsend

From BYO shoes to unbreakable balls, Susan Sarandon has a lot of reasons to love the game of table tennis.

The actress activist claims you can play table tennis in any state of sobriety. Table tennis’ rebellious cousin beer pong may have a lot to answer for here. What’s a red cup frat party without a ping pong table getting bombarded with spilled drinks?

Suffering from a case of the spins takes on a whole new meaning. But be careful, otherwise you’ll soon find yourself floored once the shots get too strong for you to handle.

Checkout the rest of Susan Sarandon’s answers and tell us your top reasons why table tennis rocks.

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