09 Feb 2017

President of the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation, Manolis Kolympadis, has been elected General Secretary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

The announcement was made on Monday 6th February.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Unanimously elected, Emmanuel Kolympadis received all possible 14 votes; he will serve office during the current Olympic cycle concluding in 2020.

Notably Emmanuel Kolympadis thanked George Vassilakopoulos, President of the Greek Basketball Federation, for his advice and encouragement; a colleague he described as his mentor.

“I thank my colleagues for the honour they bestowed; I thank those who voted for me and also those who withdrew. I feel that this is the culmination and reward of my long road for the common good of sport and is a positive reflection on table tennis. Sincere thanks to the many from throughout Greece who yesterday and today telephoned and gave me courage and strength. Especially I want to thank my athletic father, George Vassilakopoulos, who in 1982 helped me and encouraged me to be involved in sport. He is my mentor and although he was not present, I felt he was present”, Emmanuel Kolympadis

Additionally, he assured everyone that his new duties within the Hellenic Olympic Committee will not affect his commitment to table tennis in Greece.

“I want to assure the world of table tennis that my increased responsibilities as the Hellenic Olympic Committee General Secretary will no way affect my presence as President of the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation”, Emmanuel Kolympadis

First appointed in 2009, Spiros Kapralos was re-elected President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee for a second term of office.



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