03 Feb 2017

Korea Republic's legendary defender Joo Saehyuk takes on the ITTF Ask a Pro Anything challenge with Adam Bobrow!

by Wade Townsend

Joo Saehyuk always has an answer to the fan’s hard-hitting questions.


So what did we learn from the legend?

Joo has fond memories of the city of love, Ma Lin probably doesn’t.


Road trips with Joo be like…

Bohemian Rhapsody

Joo doesn’t seem too keen on plastic.


“I’m just a hobby basketball player,” says Joo. Somehow I don’t believe him.


Chopper on the table. Chopper off the table. Chopper for life.


Secret to Joo’s success; he trains with a few kilograms added to his racket.


And finally, Adam Bobrow uncovered Joo’s weakness. It’s paper.

Paper Scissors Rock

Joo Saehyuk survived the Ask A Pro Anything challenge. Comment below who you would like to see on the next edition.

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