22 Jan 2017

Located in the south western Pacific Ocean, Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, was the recent home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Coach Education Course; proceedings commenced on Monday 9th January and concluded on Friday 13th January.

Organised under the direction of the ITTF Development Programme, the expert on duty was Frenchman Nicolas Guigon.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of 28 students, 11 women and 17 men attended, amongst them being members of the national team: Jackson Kariko, Gasika Sepa, Morea Arua and Brian Gavera.

Innovative, Nicolas Guigon addressed the topics of equipment and how to introduce table tennis in a country rich in art. He adapted the ITTF Level One Coaches Manual to his own “PONGiNNOV” style.

No table, no problem (Photo: courtesy of Nicolas Guigon)

Notably various fun games both indoors and outdoors were introduced; he devised practices with and without the use of equipment whilst explaining the rudiments of spin, movement, balance and all other items required to play table tennis.

Overall a total of 15 course members passed the test and now must complete 30 hours of practical coaching; they will be supervised by Rea Loi, former medallist at the Pacific Games.

Innovative coaching methods, arm wrestling (Photo: Nicolas Guigon)

A successful course was completed, the following day, Saturday 14th January, the National Championships were held; an event which attracted from both television and the written press; Post Courier, NBC1 and Sportstok all reported on proceedings.

 “There is a unique table tennis culture in an exceptional multi-cultural country; we need to develop outdoor practices; involve youth and also stakeholders to build concrete table tennis tables to develop the sport”, Nicolas Guigon

Impressive backhand techniques (Photo: Nicolas Guigon)

Meanwhile, promoted by George Shao, the President of the Papua and New Guinea Table Tennis Association, recent agreements to promote table tennis have been reached with the International School in Port Moresby, the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Friends Association of Table Tennis.

There is a need for more equipment but Nicolas Guigon detected a great willingness to find solution and move forward, Papua and New Guinea Table Tennis Association is motivated.

In Papua New Guinea full use has been made of the equipment provided under the Xiom development agreement (Photo: courtesy of Nicolas Gruigon)



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