19 Jan 2017

Third time, lucky time, World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) is becoming more and more established; be part of this global play on Thursday 6th April.

Recipient of a prestigious Peace and Sport award in 2016, World Table Tennis Day sets standards for all other sporting organisations. It makes an outstanding contribution to peace, dialogue and social stability in the world through sport!

by Leandro Olvech, ITTF Director – Development Director

Let’s spread the word and make the 2017 edition even bigger!

Invite your colleagues and members to celebrate WTTD 2017 and win a Butterfly equipment package!

The National Association hosting the most registered events in relation to population, will be awarded with a Butterfly equipment package which includes six tables, six nets post sets, 80 rackets, eight gross of balls.

Currently, Romania is leads with already 73 registered events, are you able to top it? Invite your colleagues and members to register events on TT4ALL.com and contribute to make table tennis popular, universal and inclusive!

Also, the most popular, universal, inclusive and creative events will receive robots sponsored by iPong.

Help to develop table tennis to all corners of the world.

New features on TT4ALL.com 

The website and newsletter provides relevant information about TT4ALL.com and WTTD

……….Stay updated about the events that are going to be realised in your country with the Events Map .

……….Check out the Download section where you can find last year’s newsletter merged into one “Journey towards WTTD” in order to support you with some project management tips.

……….“Past editions” shows you how WTTD was like in 2015 and 2016.

……….“Meet up 2017” has been added to create a worldwide networking. Check it out and form part registering your event!

……….We’d like to add a “Report Gallery” after Thursday 6th April where you can share all your creative ideas with others, giving and finding inspiration for future events.


We’d like to share your efforts with the rest of the world: Send us a video about your WTTD and be part of the Activity Card Challenge to win an official ITTF Training shirt!

We will produce an official WTTD video after Thursday 6th April to show the world how people share their passion for table tennis and make a collection of all submitted initiatives!

I wish all a great World Table Tennis Day preparation for 2017. For any comments, questions, advice or feedback, please feel invited to contact: april6@ittfmail.com

Be part of making table tennis accessible for everyone, everywhere. Invite others to join WTTD: www.tt4all.com

Let’s celebrate World Table Tennis Day 2017: Don’t delay register now!

High Performance and Development World Table Tennis Day