17 Jan 2017

Situated in Central America, in recent years El Salvador has received extensive support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, an organisation which supports developing countries by offering voluntary services.

On Monday 16th January, prior to the start of the Japanese National Championships, El Salvador sent a vote of thanks.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A video and El Salvadorian flag, signed by the young players who have been members of the “Nittaku ITTF Dream Building project, was sent to Tokyo.

It was received by Jun Mizutani in the presence of officials from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Notably Jun Mizutani and his brother Yuki have collected items, including rackets, to send to El Salvador to support the Nittaku ITTF Dream Building Project.

Impressively, organised under the direction of Melecio Rivera, the President of the El Salvador Table Tennis Federation and ITTF Executive Vice President alongside Carlos Esnard, the Technical Director, over 1,500 young people in El Salvador have taken part in the initiative.

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