08 Jan 2017

Support from manufacturers is vital in the efforts made by the International Table Tennis Federation to facilitate promotion in whatever sphere; especially, it is a key factor when ITTF Development, Education and Training initiatives are the subjects in question.

One of the most loyal supporters in recent years has been Xiom, the manufacturer from the Republic of Korea.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The now concluded six year Xiom Development Incentive Programme commenced in 2010; predominantly the company has supported equipment for countries in the greatest need, countries which in the vast majority can be described as developing as opposed to developed.

They are areas of the world where there is unlikely to be an immediate growth in sales for a manufacturer; it is a goodwill gesture and was made possible thanks the caring approach of Philip Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of Xiom.

In each of the six years of the agreement; eight national associations benefitted from a Xiom package which comprised six table tennis tables, six net and post sets, six scorers, 80 rackets, eight gross of balls and a significant amount of clothing.

“Philip Kim approached me in 2010 asking to be involved with the ITTF Development Programme, because he had heard many good things about it and wanted to help; it was a great sign of his character. A big thank you from the ITTF for his six years of support”, Glenn Tepper, ITTF Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Overall 48 countries have received support and you can add one more. In addition, Xiom provided significant support to DPR Korea as a show of solidarity; additional to the equipment package they provided 5,000 plastic balls. Thus in realistic terms the number is 49 countries who have received help.

The most recent recipients; those who benefitted in 2016 were American Samoa, Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Tonga and Tunisia.

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