06 Jan 2017

Top marks, that is the score Ma Long gives himself for his performance in 2016.

He achieved an unblemished track record in the Perfect World Team Championships; there was a victorious quest in the Rio Olympic Games and another at the Seamaster Qatar ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

by Henry Chen

Successful in his athletic career; now what beckons for Ma Long in 2017?

Now more than ever Ma Long attracts the attention. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games was no doubt the highlight of 2016.

Beating strong contenders to win that precious Men’s Singles was an outstanding achievement. Moreover, at the time it meant he owned every major title the sport had to offer.

“A lot of people had a new understanding about me and liked me through the Olympic Games. As someone who is engaged in sports, I’m really happy to receive such recognition,” Ma Long.

Ma Long found himself at a new level of popularity after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; television appearances, photo-shoots and interactive programmes with fans occupied his schedule.

Rapidly his popularity grew but Ma Long was quick to assure everyone that his feet were firmly on the ground, whether in his personal life or his career, nothing much has changed.

“There are not any real changes. It’s just that there are more fans. In terms of competitions, I still prepare seriously, no difference”, Ma Long

The year 2016 was truly successful for Ma Long, a year meriting the highest marks.

“It was an extremely smooth year. I am very satisfied. Before, I only had very little things about myself to be satisfied for. Most of my satisfaction came from my performance in the Olympic Games. I realised the things that I most desired in the most critical moments. I can give myself 100 per cent in 2016”, Ma Long

After an overwhelming success, in a recent local television appearance last October, it was reported that Ma Long was in a happy relationship with his girlfriend; a relationship that has been going steady for eight years now.

“I hope to experience some happy moments in 2017, I’ll tell everyone the good news”, Ma Long.

So, what next for Ma Long? Is it marriage?

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