31 Dec 2016

Situated in the Gulf of Guinea with an Atlantic coastline, the Ivory Coast was the latest destination for the much travelled Sarah Hanffou; the Paris based lawyer having earlier this year conducted courses in such far distant countries as Haiti in Latin America and Tahiti in Oceania, prior to being present in Burundi on her current African travels.

Organised under the direction of the ITTF Development Programme she conducted an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course the Sodemi Club from Monday 15th December to Thursday 22th December.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Yet another most worthy course to promote table tennis; nothing unique but it was unique. The focus was on coaching women and girls. Overall 20 students attended, 11 being female.

Also, the initiative built on an earlier visit. It followed an Olympic Solidarity ITTF/PTT Level One course led by Frenchman Cédric Rouleau. He had been the expert on duty in the Ivory Coast from Sunday 18th to Friday 30th September.

Perhaps a little apprehensive but help at hand to play a forehand top spin (Photo: courtesy of Sarah Hanffou)

 “Most of the participants were physical education teachers. Table tennis was new to them; their participation is the result of the efforts of the Ivory Coast Table Tennis Federation to implement table tennis in schools. The focus is on the development of table tennis for girls”, Sarah Hanffou

Immediately following the conclusion of the course, a training camp for national team members was arranged; a total of 12 young players attended.

The Para element was a crucial aspect of the course (Photo: courtesy of Sarah Hanffou)

Furthermore, there was a most welcome guest. Ali Kanate, who is living and playing in France, visited. He will be representing the Ivory Coast in the forthcoming 2017 Francophone Games next July, the table tennis events being scheduled for Treichville.

Expert help and there was also equipment assistance, thanks to Ping Sans Frontières, the organisation formed by Sarah Hanffou ten years ago to help developing countries and the under privileged.

A break in play at the training camp (Photo: courtesy of Sarah Hanffou)

Resulting from an agreement with the International Table Tennis Federation, a donation of bat rubbers, balls, nets and sports clothes was made the Ivory Coast Table Tennis Federation including.

In the season of goodwill, there was goodwill in the Ivory Coast; the goodwill courtesy of Sarah Hanffou.

The support from Ping Sans Frontières was appreciated at the closing ceremony (Photo: courtesy of Sarah Hanffou)
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