26 Dec 2016

Titles gained on Friday 16th December in Las Vegas at the United States Para Open brought the year to a successful conclusion for Sweden.

In the Men’s Team event Nicklas Westerberg and Michael Azulay won Class 7; Emil Andersson and Linus Carlsson secured the Class 8 title whilst the Class 9-10 event saw Daniel Gustafsson and Anders Andersson emerge as champions.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

More success and more success may well follow but it will be under a different administration; from Sunday 1st January 2017 Para table tennis in Sweden will be under the direct auspices of the Swedish Table Tennis Association.

“Para table tennis is well developed from top to bottom, but it should be obvious that the best conditions for every sport is in its “home sports federation”. Therefore, it feels very promising that the para table tennis can be a pioneer in the work for sport inclusion, says Margareta Israelsson, Para Sports Sweden.”

It is the result of extensive discussions with the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet) and other interested parties.

The process for Para Table Tennis to become a constituent part of the International Table Tennis Federation commenced in 2007; the motto “One sport, one family” being the concept.

“It feels great that we finally have come this far; also in Sweden and I am convinced that if we all work together as one we we all benefit from this in a great way”, Petra Sörling President Swedish Table Tennis Association and ITTF Executive Committee member

Later in 2010, moves for Para table tennis to become part of the Swedish Table Tennis Association began; it is now a reality.


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