23 Dec 2016

Former member of the national team and now a highly respected in the world of advertising, Vimal Basanta Lala has been elected the President of Mauritius Table Tennis Association.

He was elected at a Special General Assembly held on Wednesday 21st December and succeeds Ashita Beenessreesingh, who now assumes the role of Secretary.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF Africa, Press Officer

Vimal Basanta Lala was the tournament director at the 2015 African Junior Championships staged in Mauritius, his contribution to what proved a most successful tournament cannot be underestimated.

Notably, Vimal Basanta Lala represented Mauritius at the 1992 Francophone Youth Games in Paris.

However, when 18 years old, he decided that education was the priority; he moved to Canada to complete his studies. Now being involved in the world of advertising, he hopes to encourage sponsors to support the activities of the association.

In addition to Vimal Basanta Lala and Ashita Beenessreesingh; other officials elected were Ian Tse Tan Yan (Deputy President), Charles Chan Tung (Treasurer) and Kam Young Li Fap Kien (Assistant Treasurer).

Also elected were Oumesh Chaund Gopall, Philippe Hao Thyn Voon, Nushrat Gunnoo and Rajessen Desscann.

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