23 Dec 2016

Monica Puig and Stephanie del Valle, in the small Caribbean island of Puerto Rico it is the ladies who are supreme; the duo has succeeded at the highest possible levels.

Earlier this year at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Monica Puig won Women’s Singles gold in the tennis tournament; more recently on Sunday 18th December in Washington, Stephanie del Valle was crowned Miss World.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

On Wednesday 21st the third member of the illustrious female trio was honoured.

Adriana Diaz was the focal point of a Press Conference organised by the Ciclon Energy Drink Company.

Staged at El Bodega, a restaurant in the district of Guaynabo on the outskirts of San Juan, the island’s capital city; matters were masterminded by Elmar Scheiber. He is the General Manager of the Ciclon Company in Puerto Rico, as his name may suggest, he is perhaps more accustomed to freezing temperatures during the Christmas period as opposed to those which require shorts, sunglasses and air conditioning.

In fact it is in the rather colder climbs that he will celebrate the festive season; resident for 20 years in Puerto Rico, very much now his home, he will return to his native Austria for the festive season, before jet-setting to Amman to promote the soft drink in Jordan.

“I watched Adriana and I liked the image that she portrayed, it was ideal image to promote our company; we have been supporting her for three years and we have more detailed plans with her for next year”, Elmar Scheiber.

Just as the relationship between Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus and Olivasi, the Spanish based olive oil producer, has proved successful; so the match between Adriana Diaz and Ciclon works. Ciclon is very selective in its choices but most importantly it is most loyal to its subjects.

Organised with suitable backdrops and video presentation, the Press Conference was the result of Adriana Diaz winning the Women’s Singles title at the United States Open on Saturday 17th December in Las Vegas; the occasion being most positive publicity for both sponsor and player.

Increasing confident and ever more accustomed to being in the spotlight, Adriana Diaz answered questions from some 30 members of the media; whilst, when the written press was not present, she responded to the spotlight on the cameras of five television companies.

Throughout, careful presentation and a lesson for all; Adriana Diaz receives support which helps in her career ambitions, by spending some four hours in the glare of the media, she supported her sponsor.

Now that is the lesson to learn, sponsorship is not a donation; it is an agreement to support each other. Adriana Diaz and Ciclon have such an understanding.

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