20 Dec 2016

As the holiday season begins, we bring you some exciting posts from your favorite table tennis players around the world.

Wait till the end, Sabine Winter has a Christmas surprise for you!

By Neha Aggarwal 

While Sam Walker was working hard in the gym:

  and Patrick Franziska was training to make a comeback:

 Melissa Tapper was holidaying in Bali:

Hugo Calderano was enjoying a Christmas meal with his team mates:

Quem sabe ler emoji? ☃??✈️???☉️?? Who can read emoji?

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  Ding Ning took the world by surprise by showing what an incredible singer she is:

Kristin Silbereisen told the world about her leguano barefoot shoes:

  Yana Noskova blew kisses because everything is good:

Когда все хорошо ??

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Ma Long looked back on a successful year for him:

Szocs Bernadette looked back on the 2015 ITTF Star Awards and World Tour Grand Finals:

…..and Sabine Winter aka Santa Clause paid a surprise visit to the gym!

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