14 Dec 2016

A successful ITTF/PTT Level One Coach Education Course completed under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme in San Sebastian de los Reyes, located near to the Spanish capital city of Madrid, next on the itinerary was Course Conductor Training.

Once again supported by Olympic Solidarity, the two day course commenced on Saturday 3rd December; the expert on duty was Ramon Ortega Montes, the Development Officer for the Latin American Table Tennis Union.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of six students attended, all male with four members being full-time professional coaches.

They represented four of the regions within Spain: Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Galicia, Madrid and Pais Vasco.

A theory session conducted by Moncho (Photo: courtesy of Ramon Ortega Montes)

On the first day of the course the focus was on the ITTF Development Programme and Olympic Solidarity explaining the wide range of course on offer, as well as the detailed information which can be found on the websites of the International Table Tennis Federation, the European Table Tennis Union and the Latin American Table Tennis Union.

The Para element is an essential part of the course (Photo: courtesy of Ramon Ortega Montes)

Also, Moncho explained the ITTF coach accreditation system, the requirement of recording accurate attendance sheets, writing reports and issuing certificates.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the course the focus was on practical presentations , personal interviews and summarising the requirements needed to be a successful course conductor.

Moncho looks on as the students commence a practical session (Photo: courtesy of Ramon Ortega Montes)

“I have enjoyed much more this course than the ITTF/PTTF Level One Course, everything was new and presented a challenge”, Jose Fernandez

“Now I´m working full time in Lugo for a team; the idea of basic certification for beginners I like a lot, now I can put into practice in my club”, Adrian Exposito

“When I came here I thought I knew many things, now I realize that there are many other things and different ways teach. My goal now it to continue learning and putting into practice all knowledge received. I´m going to use the ways learned here for the young players in my club”, Daniel Illan

“He is full time employee coach of the regional federation and mostly is working with novice veterans, “The way this course is designed is from the very easy to the most difficult things. It´s good to come and be reminded of the basics; my idea is to learn new methods and put them into practice in my region”, Luis Martinez

“I have realized much more tension and stress during this course than the five previous days. I almost decided during lunch on the last day not to finish but finally I´m here and I finished it”, Julio Redondo

“I wanted to do it perfectly and I was checking many different materials for the presentations. Perhaps I spent too much time on that and I didn´t sleep too much; during the presentations I was really tired”, Fernando Oteo

High Performance and Development Ramon Ortega Montes